Thanks to a grant from the Korean American Community Foundation (KACF), Bergen Volunteer Medical Initiative (BVMI) will soon proudly serve more people of Korean descent.

“KACF promotes a culture of giving within the Korean American Community,” said Brennan Gang, Deputy Director & Director of Programs. “We raise funds to ‘lift up’ vulnerable people in those communities, and we share the funds with organizations that can best help us do that. We work toward increasing the economic security of Korean Americans, while also connecting with non-Korean communities and people of different generations.”

“We visited BVMI and saw with our own eyes how skilled and caring the clinical volunteers are,” added Brennan. “Their services aren’t just free, they’re high quality. We also spoke with one of the Korean patients. She was pleased that BVMI looked at her as a whole person, not just on a symptom-by-symptom basis. That made a big difference to us.”

“Korean Americans comprise a large population in Bergen County, and we realized that we needed a better way to bring more of these neighbors into the BVMI family,” said Amanda Missey, BVMI President/CEO. “It’s part of our strategic plan. Thanks to KACF, we’ll be hiring an outreach coordinator with the language skills and outreach skills to get us there.”

Bergen Volunteer Medical Initiative, located in Hackensack, New Jersey, is a member of the VIM Alliance. For additional information about the clinic, visit BVMI and to learn more about the foundation, visit KACF.

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