Dr. Herbert Cole is a familiar face at Bergen Volunteer Medical Initiative (BVMI). He’s been with the clinic since shortly after the concept for BVMI was developed. As a referral coordinator, Dr. Cole helps patients obtain care outside our clinic when it’s advised. “If physicians at BVMI need to find a specialist for a patient, they request approval from one of our medical directors,” said Dr. Cole. “Once they give the green light, I find (and sometimes persuade) the appropriate specialist and make the appointment.”

For Herb Cole and his daughter Liz, volunteering is a family affair

At the age of 90, Dr. Cole is doing what he enjoys while sharing his skills. “I like it here because everyone’s happy,” said Dr. Cole. “No long faces!”

Dr. Cole’s daughter Liz has always admired her mom and dad – as parents and as BVMI volunteers. Donna Cole, until her passing last summer, often helped with BVMI’s gala. Liz is now the latest Cole to step up as a BVMI volunteer.

“My first assignment is to obtain reports from outside medical providers that see BVMI patients,” said Liz. “This ensures a full picture of treatment for each person. I’m also being trained to work with our electronic medical records system, so I can make things easier for new practitioners coming aboard.”

“Our patients are treated with dignity,” added Liz. “No one is made to feel ‘less than’ just because they can’t afford health insurance.” Thanks, Coles, for being part of BVMI’s family.

Bergen Volunteer Medical Initiative, located in Hackensack, New Jersey, is a member of the VIM Alliance. For additional information about the clinic, visit www.bvmi.org.