Never before has our healthcare system been under such stress and strain. Extraordinary times require extraordinary measures. Each of you are making consequential decisions every day, attempting to do what is best for your patients, staff, volunteers, and community. We salute you for your heroism during this period of epic struggle to confront this terrible pandemic.

At Volunteers in Medicine America, we have moved quickly to respond to the crisis and to support your needs. When we saw that many of you were suspending or reducing operations due to the loss of providers (many of them older and at greater risk of infection), and that 85% of you in last week’s survey said you had providers willing to do simple telemedicine video visits from home, we knew there was an opportunity to create some solutions using our collective strength and impact. We quickly surveyed the telemedicine ecosystem, looking for a solution that would be conducive to clinics and providers that have never done telemedicine before. We landed on a platform, called, which we believe will suit the needs of the majority of you.

The founder of, Brandon Welch, PhD, an entrepreneur at the Medical University of South Carolina, set out to create a simple telemedicine platform that any medical provider could easily learn to use from the comfort of their home, and he succeeded by creating

After meeting with, we will be partnering together to offer to VIM affiliate clinics. All VIM America affiliates that sign our Participation Agreement will have access to a Clinic account. Each Clinic account will be branded with a unique cover photo of your choice and your clinic logo, which will enable you to add willing providers, invite patients for appointments, and much more. is simple, HIPAA-compliant, and easy for both providers and patients to use, and the Clinic account will enable you to coordinate all of this activity in one place. All that is needed is a device with a camera (desktop, laptop, tablet, or smartphone), a good internet connection, and a browser such as Chrome or Firefox. There is no software to download and no apps. We envision that some of you will coordinate telemedicine visits with patients while they are at the clinic, and others with patients while they are at home. A nice feature of is that a clinic nurse or other staff person can join a telemedicine visit in progress between a patient and the provider.

Many thanks to for this opportunity and to all our affiliate clinics for all that you do! Volunteers in Medicine